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Riding in the heat

posted by on July, 09, 2015 in Bike Wear Direct

There is no denying that the summer is great. Long sunny evenings, the smell of cut grass and Saturdays spent BBQing, life seems a bit easier and everything feels that bit better during the summer months.

One thing that can be tricky in the heat however, is riding. While it is lovely to be out in the sun or your bike, remaining protected without overheating can be a tricky balancing act.

So what are the best ways to stay cool when riding. We don’t know about you but it really makes our skin crawl when we see riders out there without protective gear on. We’ve all seen that person in a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops riding along without a care in the world - imagine the mess he or she would be in if they crashed? It doesn’t bare thinking about, and it’s certainly not a risk we would take.

On the other hand, we all know it’s not the easiest thing to be sat at traffic lights wearing your leathers. Over-heating on your bike is also very dangerous, as when you get too hot you can feel unwell. You may start to feel nauseous and faint and become dehydrated. You also put yourself at risk of developing heatstroke or suffering from heat exhaustion.

So you do need to stay protected in the heat, but you also can’t over heat whilst riding. How can you achieve this? While it’s not necessarily the easiest situation to master, it is possible to enjoy a ride in the sun and still keep yourself protected...

Wear the right under-clothing

A top tip we have is wearing a tight-fitting exercise shirt made of moisture-wicking material underneath your protective bike wear. As sweat evaporates, it takes your body heat with it. Moisture-wicking material draws sweat away from the body to be evaporated through the shirt which supports the cooling process. Conventional materials can simply trap sweat next to the skin, which limits evaporation.

Wetting down

Wetting down will help cool your core body temperature. Some techniques for wetting down include wearing neck bandanas, particularly those with water-absorbing crystals, wetting down a t-shirt, or pouring water directly into your helmet.

Keep hydrated

Keeping hydrated is so important when you’re on the road in this warm weather. For longer rides you could wear a water bag on your back. By filling it with half ice and half water before the ride you’ll be guaranteed some cooling sips for longer which will definitely make a difference. Carry as much water as you can and avoid dehydrating liquids like caffeine and alcohol before riding. (Obviously you should not drink alcohol and ride anyway!) Try and drink plenty of water before you head out also.

Riding in really hot weather is not bad and won’t be dangerous if you’re prepared for it. Remember to hydrate fully, keep your skin covered and protected and avoid any hazards. All of the bike wear we sell here at Bikewear Direct is guaranteed to keep you fully protected on your bike, so please browse the site to see what we can offer you.



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