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Some more top tips on staying safe on the roadsafe on the roads

posted by on June, 19, 2015 in Bike Wear Direct

If you are on our website you probably already think that motorcycles are cool, but unfortunately they are not that always safe. We all know that riding a motorbike is not as safe as driving a car, which is already dangerous in itself.

They may be able to travel as fast as cars do, but they lack obvious car safety features. They have no exterior frame to absorb crash forces, and so should you find yourself in a collision, all of the impact will be born directly by you and your bike.

As we specialise in motorcycle wear that is stylish and comfortable as well as safe, safety on the road is definitely our top priority when we’re on our bikes. We believe that riding your bike doesn’t have to be an exercise in cheating death. They may be intrinsically less safe than cars are, but there are a lot of things that you can do to keep everyone safe. In this blog we’ll be discussing a few ways you can help yourself safe when you’re on the tarmac...

Wear a Helmet

Please, please, please always wear a helmet on the road. Head injuries are the leading cause of death for motorcycle riders, and so the most important thing you can do to stay safe on a motorcycle is wear a helmet.

Ride within your limits

Riding a motorcycle is a skill, and like all skills, it’s something that you need to develop. To ensure your safety you should always ride within your skill level. You should still challenge yourself — that’s how your skills grow — but you need to do it in a safe, controlled environment. Take the time to build your skills and only ride in situations where you know your skills are up to the job.

Leave Enough Space

One of the biggest mistakes motorcyclists make is not leaving enough stopping distance for bikes. While it’s true that since bikes are smaller and lighter than cars and so they need less space to stop and manoeuvre, they still need more than you might think. Make sure you aware of other road users and leave enough space to stay safe.

Watch the weather!

When you’re preparing to go for a ride, check the weather. If heavy rain, snow or ice is predicted, leave the bike at home. If you absolutely must ride in the rain, make sure you ride slowly and carefully – don’t put yourself in danger by being reckless. Our blog about what bike wear you’ll need in bad weather can be found here.

Get the right bike wear gear!

With an increased risk of being thrown off your bike in an accident, you need to make sure you’re protected as much as possible through your clothing. We’ve all seen people on motorcycles in shorts and flip flops and we don’t know about you but it gives us the shudders. This is totally unsafe and irresponsible. There are a lot of reasons that motorcyclists wear protective gear in materials like Kevlar and leather as they are strong enough to protect their skin should they be in an accident. All of our bike wear is protective and durable and will keep you protected on the roads!

For all of your bike wear needs, advice or queries please contact us for further information – we will be more than happy to assist you!



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